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Craft Beer represents a $22.3 billion dollar retail value With a 16% growth over 2014

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Beer will be delivered in half kegs at an estimated cost of $120.00 per 1/2 barrel. 1/2 barrels hold 15.5 gallons. Equivalent to 6.8 cases or 123 16 oz. servings.

Our program offers the opportunity to provide fans with a souvenir plastic cup (16 oz. or 20 oz.) on an annual basis with your name, logo design, colors, team schedule on the back along with ticket sales information. Stadium cups are available in a wide range of styles and costs.

Sports Beer Brewing Company™ IS an intellectual property holding company
consisting of a portfolio of sports trademarks, registrations and service marks for sports teams through out the united states.

We have developed and obtained trademark, service marks and name registrations for Sports Teams all over the Country complying with Secretary of State regulations.

​We will contract with a local micro-brewery in your area for a tasting to decide what type of beer you want to brew.


Paul L. Parshall


2031 Imperial Golf Course Blvd.

Naples, FL 34110